A better way to pay
for healthcare

With Simplicity, we’ve created a new payment experience for all in-network services that relieve providers from patient billing and empowers members with a single monthly statement. It’s everything healthcare payments should be.

Simplify the payment ecosystem – for everyone

Simplicity is the only solution that fundamentally transforms patient billing by realigning the role of all partners in the system, enabling each to do what they uniquely do best.

The Source of Truth for Benefits

  • Understanding plan benefits
  • Payment of plan obligation
  • Facilitating the Member Experience

The Business of Healthcare

  • Negotiating the cost of care
  • Network contracting
  • Adjudication and payment of services rendered to members

The Clinical Relationship

  • Focus on the more traditional doctor/patient relationship
  • Ensuring that the best and most appropriate care is given

Everyone benefits


Improve member experience and network satisfaction by removing the complexity and confusion of traditional patient billing


Receive full payment for in-network services, eliminating the stress, cost and frustration of patient billing    


One cohesive payment experience with monthly, consolidated statements and flexible payment terms

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claims processed annually


in payments processed annually


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