Healthcare payments made simple

Introducing the new way to pay for healthcare.

Simplicity is a new type of payment model that pays 100% of negotiated rates (at the time of adjudication) with no member deductibles or coinsurance.

With Simplicity, health plans can improve the member experience, providers can protect their bottom lines and members can finally make sense of what they owe and why, in one simple format.

A better way to pay

Simplicity provides health plans with the operational infrastructure and financial mechanisms necessary to pay in-network providers 100% of their negotiated rate, inclusive of all member responsibility.

Providers are no longer responsible for billing patients for deductible or coinsurance amounts – improving their bottom lines and patient relationships.    

Medical bills,
made simple.

Even with the best intentions, today’s healthcare payment experience was NOT designed with the patient in mind.

Patients receive multiple bills for a single episode of care, each with their own terminology, due dates and confusing payment requirements. With Simplicity, providers are removed from member billing obligations, helping health plans empower their members with a simple to understand single monthly statement and one due date for all in-network charges.     

Of course, it scales

As a proven, turnkey solution, Simplicity requires no one to change the way they do business.  Our unique delivery infrastructure allows for seamless integration with existing systems and workflows to drive acceptance, scalability and adoption across all stakeholders. 

for plans

Industry Leading Offerings

  • Differentiate your plan with a network that delivers unique value 
  • Improve provider relationships by eliminating their greatest pain points
  • Increase member satisfaction and retention without adding cost
  • Enhance your brand and drive member engagement through omnichannel integration         

for members

In-network care with confidence

  • Eliminate confusion with one statement, one balance and one due date
  • Friendly payment options and terms including hassle-free, 0% interest payment plans
  • A single source of truth for all in-network charges and covered benefits
  • Leverage incentive programs to make healthcare payments more rewarding

for providers

No work, all pay

  • Receive 100% of the negotiated rate with no recourse or stress
  • No hassles or extra effort required to accept Simplicity payments
  • Improve financial health by reducing administrative costs and bad debt losses
  • Protect patient relationships by focusing on what matters– delivering quality care

for IDNs

Create a unique and differentiated payment experience

  • Deliver a complete payment to providers, including member responsibility
  • Consolidate all services into one billing statement for members
  • Eliminate billing, collection and bad debt for your providers
  • Create affordability for members

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