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Paying your medical bills isn't easy.

You get multiple bills from multiple places – sometimes for the same service! That's because the whole payment process was built around the needs of health plans and healthcare providers, while patients are left to sort out the mess. With healthcare costs rising and provider bills getting more complicated, patients need help now more than ever ...

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Average increase in deductibles
over the last 10 years

Of patients find their medical
bills to be confusing

Reason for personal
bankruptcy in the USA

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Simplicity was developed specifically to help patients with medical bills by focusing on their needs and delivering a familiar and streamlined experience.

One Simple Bill,
One Simple Experience.

Instead of receiving multiple bills from multiple providers – sometimes for a single doctor visit – you get only one consolidated monthly bill ... just like a credit card statement!

How the Patient Benefits
Consolidation of bills benefit graphic Easy & flexible payments benefit graphic

One Consolidated Monthly Bill

All your healthcare bills are organized and consolidated into ONE monthly statement with a single balance and minimum amount due – just like a credit card statement!

Easy and Flexible Payments

Pay only one source for all your bills! You also have the option to spread your payments out for larger bills, with a manageable minimum amount due each month – with 0% interest.

Rewards for on-time payments benefit graphic Healthcare advocacy benefit graphic

Earn Rewards for Healthcare Payments!

That's right. Up to 5% of each payment you make is given back to you in the form of SimpleRewards that can be used to make future healthcare payments!

Designated Advocates Look Out for You

Have a problem? Just make ONE call and we'll coordinate with your provider and benefits plan to get your question answered or your problem resolved.

Increased security benefit graphic Accurate billing benefit graphic

Increased Security

Simplicity has over 20 years of experience managing and protecting payments for the biggest names in finance and healthcare. Rest assured that your information is secure.

Accurate Billing

Simplicity can filter all of your medical bills and compare them to your benefits. We'll make sure that the amounts you owe to your healthcare providers are correct.

Basically, Simplicity does for the healthcare industry
what credit cards did for retail decades ago.
So, how does it work?
Incredibly easy to get started ...
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Go to doctor graphic

Go to your doctor, just like normal

No need to change your doctor or your routine.

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Your doctor sends bill to your health plan

Your doctor's office doesn't have to change the way they do business either!

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Bill payment sent, graphic

Health plan adjudicates bill, sends payment to Simplicity

Your health plan checks the bill for accuracy and then sends their payment for your covered benefits.

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Accuracy check, graphic

Simplicity checks your bill (again) for accuracy

Your bill goes through a secondary accuracy process to make sure everything makes sense and that this is the FINAL amount you owe.

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Payment sent, graphic

Simplicity sends a complete payment to your doctor

Simplicity funds payment for your portion of the bill and sends it to your doctor, along with the benefit payment your health plan provided.

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Get one bill, graphic

You get ONE monthly statement from Simplicity covering all your medical bills

Simplicity adds your bill to any others that have come through that month and sends you a single statement with a single amount due.

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Pay online or by mail, graphic

Pay your bill online or by mail

Go online to your Simplicity portal to pay, or send your payment by mail using your preferred payment method – credit card, debit card, HSA card, FSA card, bank account, etc.

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Rewards, graphic

Get rewarded for making timely payments

As long as your account is in good standing, a percentage of each payment you make is given back to you in the form of SimpleRewards.

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